For authors

Instructions for Authors


  • The average length of papers is 40 000 characters. The manuscripts should be between 25 000 and 60 000 characters.


  • The paper should include an abstract (max. 1200 characters).


  • The paper should include 5-7 keywords.


  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Word, in doc or docx format. Use 12-point Times New Roman for the text and 1.5 spacing.
  • The manuscript and the headlines should have a clear structure.
  • The manuscript should include an introduction and conclusion.


  • the reference list should only include works that you actually cited
  • full references should be listed at the end of the manuscript on a new page with the title ’References’
  • full references should be listed in alphabetical order (both references in the manuscript and in the footnotes)
  • in case of foreign authors alphabetical order is also required, first the surname then the first name's initial with a comma (similarly to Hungarian authors). E.g.: Szabó, T.; Barr, N.
  • full references should follow the style below:
  • Book: Author(s) (publication year): Title of the work. Publisher, place of publication
  • Journal article: Author(s) (publication year): Title of the article. The name of the journal, volume: page numbers
  • Article in a collection: Author(s) (publication year): Title of the paper. In: The name of the book’s editors (ed, eds): Title of the book. Publisher, place of publication
  • DOI number should be indicated in the full references list


  • tables and figures should be within the text
  • all tables and figures should be presented with line number and title
  • line numbers and figures of tables and figures should be listed above
  • the source of each table and figure should be listed the following way:
  • if it is your own editing: 'Source: edited by the author’
  • if it is cited from another work: ’Source: Author(s) (year), original page number of the table/figure
  • tables, figures, charts should be attached as an extra file in an edited version


  • Footnotes may not include citations or references. References should always be in the main text instead of the footnotes.
  • Footnotes are to be included in the main text with Arabic numerals.


  • Citations should always be in the main text.
  • In the text cite references by name and year in parentheses.
  • Verbatim citation: (Barr 2010: 125) cite references by name and year in parentheses, followed by the page number(s)
  • non-verbatim citation: (Barr 2010) cite references by name and year in parentheses

If there are more than two authors, the names must be separated by a hyphen. (e.g. Szabó – Déry 2002)
In the case of multiple-author citations, if there are more than three authors, only the name of the first author should be given, with a note et al. (First author et al.)



The bibliography includes the DOI of all works cited, where available, in the following format:



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