Table of contents

Vol.11 (2022) No.1


THEMATIC PAPERS – Nature, environment and society

ANNA MÁRIA BARTAL – ZOLTÁN KMETTY: Community resilience and social support relationships – An analytical approach and research results based on long-term series analysis of communities affected by the red sludge disaster

UMAR GAMBO ADAMU – ILDIKÓ BALATONI: The effect of Covid-19 epidemic on the industry of a Sub-Saharan Country: a perspective on sports industry in Nigeria

CÉLIA KRISZTINA FARKAS – PÉTER PAJKOSSY – ANDREA DÚLL: “Can’t you see that we are in trouble?” – The environmental protection-related ignorance, its appearance in visual attentional patterns, and some possible explanation/interpretation

FERENC MÓNUS – TAMÁS BÉRES – FLÓRIÁN SIPOS: Environmentalism of university students in relation to their materialism, life satisfaction, views on politics and pandemic

ANDREA SZŐLLŐS-TÓTH: Europe’s most visited countries’ coastal areas affected by overtourism

MIHÁLY DOMBI – ANDREA KARCAGI-KOVÁTS – PIROSKA HARAZIN: Beyond „Green finance” – Sustainability aspects of capital markets


TAMÁS NÉMET: Teaching sustainability in education. What new possibilities does the organisational framework open up for environmental education?


HAJNALKA FÉNYES – MÁRTA MOHÁCSI: The Career-building effect of volunteering in higher education

PETRA ARNOLD – ANNA GELENCSÉR – ZSUZSANNA ELEKES: How has university students’ drug use changed during Covid-19?

ANDREA RÁCZ: Self-contained child protection – possible ways to open up

LEVENTE NAGY: The Effects of the 2011 Electoral Reform on the Results of the Hungarian Legislative Elections I. (Theoretical aspects of the reform)

SZABOLCS NYIRI: Reflecions on the society of control – Footnotes to the Delezoguattarian machine


ANDRÁS A. GERGELY: A sublime memory, a neighbourhood made personal, a family history made ephemeral